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Prophet Of The Streets

Born in Greensboro NC, Antione Johnson is better known in his hometown as P.O.T.S.(Prophet Of The Streets). As many rap artist before him, P.O.T.S. early years were not all glitter and gold. Due to lacking the things that his heart desired, he looked to the streets for love and approval. As a teen, Prophet enjoyed writing Poetry and often attempted to write rhymes as a way to release his pain. He was then known to his audience as “Young Lucifer”. His music at the time was dark and spoke to the depression he felt. Having a mom who was in abusive relationships and a father who was married to another woman and therefore did not play the most active role in his life, really took a toll on this young man. At the age of eight his life of petty crimes began.

 Although he was well known for his wrongdoings, he was even more known for his ability to capture a crowd with his lyrical storytelling. His skill was evident when he qualified for "Making The Next Hit" Hosted By Young Jeezy's dj, DJ Farenheit Of CTE. Due to catching a federal case P.O.T.S. was not able to proceed with the win of the competition but, was featured on the mixtape with the likes of Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Freakey Zeeky. This would be his first disappointment in his music career but, it also helped him in his growth. While on the yard in Highrise Youth Institution, Young Lucifer would amaze the other inmates as he lyrically destroyed all his competition in the freestyle battles. It was during one of his bids, that he became known “Sypha Allah” which means the Sword of Allah in Arabic. An old man that did time with Antione overheard him reciting a song entitled, “Hands of a Stranger” about his father and he stated that being called the devil just didn’t fit. Due to many already calling him Prophet and with his love of acronyms, he chose the name of Prophet of the Streets, better known as P.O.T.S.


After surviving 3 bids, including a self-defense murder bid, Prophet refused to let his lifestyle ruin his chances and decided to use his music to keep him out of the streets. Under TKMG, he released his first mixtape, The Prophecy: Return of the Truth. Followed by his first single “When I Cry” which told the story of his hardest moment including the rape and murder of his cousin Shalonda Poole, Prophet made his mark in the music scene and ensured his city that he had it on his back.  Every time P.O.T.S. wraps his hand around the mic, the crowd is guaranteed to envision his words. He has performed at numerous venues and shows. In September 2018, he left his footprints in the movie scene when he co-starred in the Amazon Prime feature film, “David” by Alyze Elyze and Soul City productions, which has produced over 3 million streams.

Since being featured in "David" Prophet has also been featured in "Seven & Tracy,  Going 4 Broke" also by Alyze Elyze. His song "Move Different" was also featured in the film. Prophet was nominated for "Best Hip Hop Artist" with the Queen City Awards for the 2019, 2020, and now in 2021. 

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